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Green Card Lottery

Photo Requirements

The photo requirements created by the U.S. authorities are a vital part of your visa application.
We will double check your photo to make sure that if fulfills all the necessary requirements.

Please make sure your photographs comply with the following specifications:

- The photo must be taken in color - The photo must be taken within the last six months
- The photo must reflect your current look
- Unacceptable backgrounds are grounds of disqualification.
- The photo should be taken against a white and plain background on which no shadows can be seen
- Any manipulation of photographs that alter the facial characteristics is ground for disqualification.
- Make sure your photo is not overexposed or underexposed.
- The size of the photo must be less or equal to 5MB
- If you use the same photo as in your passport please make sure that the passport is brand new. Otherwise US Authorities will be able to draw conclusions about your photo not being up to date.
- Make sure you face the camera directly and that your eyes are fully opened.
- Make sure to put on a neutral facial expression
- It is not allowed to wear glasses on the photo
- Head coverings will not be tollerated
- If applicable, photos of your spouse and children must be submitted.

For further information about U.S. Visa Photo Guidelines please visit :